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Coach Profile: Jenai Fitzpatrick

Jenai Fitzpatrick



About Me

Hi there! My name is Jenai and I'm a Thought Partner and Life Coach for women who are ready to create the lives they deserve. I see you, and I know you are doing your best.

I understand that life gets hectic, and you have a million responsibilities demanding your attention. The truth is that the pandemic has left us completely depleted, feeling overwhelmed and alone more than ever before. How are you supposed to change or improve something if you can't think straight?

That's where I come in; you don't have to do it alone. With a background in psychology, counseling, and coaching, my goal is to collaborate with women by listening and identifying the small actions to take enabling them to step into their power.

The truth is that when you're feeling good, everyone benefits from your light, especially the people surrounding you. You are already everything you need.


You will become a graveyard of all the women you once were before you rise one morning embraced by your own skin.

You will swallow a thousand different names before you taste the meaning held within your own

Pavana Reddy