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Coach Profile: Karen Iveson

Karen Iveson



About Me

I have a passion to help people get to a place where they are thriving. Every job that I've ever had where I felt fulfilled had that element in it. I have my Bachelor's and Master's in Psychology, the latter with an emphasis in Life Coaching. While my formal education is done, I am a lifelong learner, both from books and people. I believe I can learn something from every person I meet.

I believe if a goal is important enough, they will get to it. I also believe working with a coach will get them there faster and more concisely. I spent 30 years on the yo-yo dieting hamster wheel. I eventually figured out how to get off that cycle, but it would have been worth it to work with a coach, had I found one, to learn how to get where I'm at 25 years ago. Now I work with people who have a goal but are not taking the steps to get to that goal and cannot understand why they are still doing what will not get them to their goal instead of what will get them to their goal.


Serve people so powerfully they never forget the experience.

Rich Litvin