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Coach Profile: Kaya Hampton



About Me

With over 8 years of retail and customer service experience, Kaya has taken her passion for people, creativity towards finding solutions, and dynamic personality and turned it into a purpose that surpasses what was imaginable.

During her Senior year in college, she decided to enter a year-long life coaching program and became a Transformation Coach.

After pursuing a role in the Fashion Industry to no avail, and after many moments of reflection, she cultivated the drive, (and rest) she needed to get back on the path that was made for her.

She realized that no experience goes to waste. Everything that she has learned and experienced is a part of what makes her unique. Even if she didn’t reach the pinnacle as a Fashion Buyer or Network Engineer, she still had so much knowledge, and so much to offer. She decided to invest in what truly lights her up which was somatic health & spiritual wellness.

During this time period of exploration, she invested in her personal development. She became a Breathwork Facilitator, created a program for Creatives like herself who are also seeking guidance on charting their own path, has been a part of virtual community healing events, and is currently training as a Movement Teacher.

As a result of focusing on wellness for some time, she has found her sweet spot amongst tech + wellness + creativity. All of this with the intention of helping others along the way. Best of all worlds.

She's here to teach you that you can have it all.


"When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.

The Alchemist by Don Miguel Ruiz