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Coach Profile: Robyn Mrnak

Robyn Mrnak


North Dakota

About Me

Robyn Mrnak is a certified transformational master health/life coach, speaker, and author. She helps stressed-out and overworked career women who are experiencing chronic pain heal their bodies without unwanted pills or medications by reprogramming their overactive nervous systems.

After a cancer diagnosis, Robyn was determined to make it through treatment and surgery without painkillers. During this time, her degree in psychology and her coaching certifications led her to explore the mind-body connection. She learned how powerful the mind is when it comes to healing our bodies.

Robyn was not only able to breeze through her cancer journey, but she also ended a 5 year streak of chronic neck and back pain from a past horse accident. Robyn now knows that no one has to live in pain. She has made it her mission to help others break free from their own chronic pain.

When Robyn isn’t coaching, writing or speaking, you can find her in the barn with her horses, spending time with friends and family or relaxing on the couch with her miniature dachshund, Rowdy.


True healing occurs when we gain the ability to share our stories, build an awareness about who we are, and decide what we will no longer tolerate.