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Coach Profile: Shavon Danea

Shavon Danea



About Me

I am Shavon Danea owner of & visionary of non-profit

I am seeking ways to illuminate partnership & offer my support as well as services to youth in the Minnesota, New Jersey & California communities. I am excited about my mission when it comes to the fulfillment of organizations such as yourself contracting Mindfulness Leaders or ADDING unique programs that focus on spirituality, humanitarian efforts, young adults & business leadership.

I am a Certified Spiritual Practitioner & Energetic Guide who supports men, women as well as young adults S.H.I.F.T their way of life by shifting their subconscious mindset into positive living & right actions.

Through my own experiences as a teen mom, homelessness, substance abuse, self-ID & depression; I have developed seminar content in human design, business leadership, universal principles, trauma & combined them with ancient spiritual practices to support the embodiment of Universal Harmonization as well as Conscious Living within my programs


Keep your vibrations HIGH & your attachments LOW!