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Coach Profile: Terra Ross

Terra Ross


North Carolina

About Me

I am Terra Ross. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, a mentor, a licensed cosmetologist, and a certified personal coach. I love my family, living a healthy lifestyle as a vegan and exercising are so important to me! Having obtained a Bachelors in Human Resources, Associates in Cosmetology Business, and Cosmetology Teacher License. Though I already had these accomplishments and have been in the Cosmetology industry for over 18 years, I knew I needed something more. I discovered iPEC Core Energy Coaching and knew coaching was my passion.

Having been so lost, stuck, and confused in my own life; I knew I wanted nothing more than to assist women to navigate through the darker waters of life. I have always had a deep passion and desire to fulfill my purpose. Now I’m fully confident that it’s time to share my experiences and lend a helping hand to other women going through everything that I’ve been through. Once I began my own personal healing, I knew that I never wanted to feel lost and stuck again. Nor do I ever want another woman to feel that way. That’s when Terra Ross Coaching came about. Though I haven’t been coaching very long, life’s experiences have been the best teacher to prepare me for the task ahead. It’s my job as a coach to ensure you find your voice and discover your passions again. I understand what it feels like when the world is against you. Life came very quickly for me. As insecurities and disappointments settled in over the years. I too had walls that needed to be broken, and unhealthy habits that needed to be changed. I fully believe that I had to go through all of that to be the best coach I could be for my clients. It’s my job to ensure my clients can relate to me. How can I expect clients to be transparent with me if I’m unwilling to be transparent as well?

My proudest moment as a coach is when a client contacts me after a session with a praise report. Maybe we discuss something and came up with a plan. They applied and it worked, I believe all things deserve a celebration big or small. If I could describe myself using one word it would be resilient. The ability to withstand or recover from a difficult situation. The scripture that motivates and inspires me as an entrepreneur is Proverbs 3:5-8Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.

I trust the Lord with my whole heart, mind, and all my strength and lean not on my own understanding. I believe being vulnerable to share my story with others will allow them to know they are not alone and that there is still more to their life through purpose. When it comes to leadership philosophy, I’m direct but fair. I’m great at delegating and finding the strengths and weaknesses of others. I try to give each person a chance to do what they’re best at and create a team to move us forward towards success.

I’m passionate about helping others I care so much about mentoring. I mentor for a youth group for young teenagers and nothing excites me more than supporting individuals where they are in life. You never know showing love and compassion to those who are struggling or feel alone and just you being there to help them along the way is so fulfilling. I can’t save everyone but if they are connected to me I try my hardest to make an impact. The biggest challenge is creating the awareness in the Black American community that mental health is serious and illustrating to them that Coaching is truly an effective tool. No, it’s not therapy however, I help individuals go after their dreams and goals that might’ve died out from being stuck, lost, or hurt that has left them feeling paralyzed. They can’t seem to move toward their passions, dreams, and goals. I am trying to be more active in my community to reach individuals and promote coaching. Showing how effective it can be as daily maintenance to live a healthy and balanced life mentally. Meanwhile coaching lives beyond the ordinary from the inside out.


In all things don’t forget to love yourself through the process!