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Coach Profile: Vicky Regina

Vicky Regina



About Me

Vicky Regina is the founder of Vicky Regina Coaching, where she focuses her work on empowering and educating introverted women to stop using their introversion as an excuse for not creating the life they deeply desire. She believes when you stop fighting your introverted nature, you come home to yourself and quietly thrive unapologetically.

Vicky is certified through iPEC Coaching (ICF Accredited) and is working towards her certification through the International Coaching Federation. She specializes in deep mindset and belief work to help her clients rewire their belief systems as they unravel years of social conditioning that keeps them stuck and out of alignment with their highest selves.

After graduating from iPEC in 2016, Vicky ran her coaching practice alongside working full-time in corporate America as a Senior Product Manager in financial software. But, after getting laid off in the fall of 2021, she embraced that as a sign to go full-time in her coaching practice knowing this is her path of purpose and impact.

She focuses her work on introverts because, as a hardcore (and PROUD) introvert, she knows firsthand how challenging it can feel to confidently navigate a world that prizes extrovert attributes. A lot of conditioning paints introversion as something that needs to be hidden or overcome. Vicky’s mission is to educate introverts AND extroverts on what it actually means to be an introvert to make the world a more introvert-inclusive place. Introverts don’t need to change who they are, they simply need to embrace their gifts and be open to doing things in ways that utilize these strengths (this is when introverts thrive unapologetically!).


Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.

Henry Ford