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Coach Profile: Ximena Yáñez

Ximena YáñezBelieve.Transform.Be.Ximena Yáñ



About Me

For 23 years, I held the position of CFO for a major Mexican environmental fund. In 2014 I accepted the challenge to move with my family to Colorado, knowing it meant leaving behind the professional career I had built with so much love. I found myself asking what was I supposed to do next... I realized that almost all my life I suffered from long-term and chronic diseases and remembered how my world collapsed when I was handed down a life sentence and destined to live on heart and cholesterol medication for the rest of my life. Despite my cardiologist's skepticism, I changed my diet and lifestyle and, before long, I was drug-free and feeling stronger and revitalized.

My experience prompted me to help other people who, like me, have been sentenced to live a half-life. I decided to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and finished my studies at IIN in New York and I was certified as an International Health Coach by the International Association for Health Coaches. I also became a Level I and II Reiki practitioner, a Level I Biomagnetism practitioner, and an RYS 200 yoga instructor. I founded Believe.Transform.Be. to help those who are going through difficult situations to achieve a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the planet through a conscious lifestyle.

I am dedicated to accompanying my clients during their life transformation processes, to regain their vitality and energy. I offer comprehensive tools that allow them to flourish in all areas of their lives while simultaneously caring for our planet.


"Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can't, You Are Right"

Henry Ford