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4 Tips for Relationship Health

4 Tips for Relationship Health

A healthy relationship is what every couple wants. Whether it's a new relationship or one you are trying to rekindle, you need to know that all relationships have struggles and require work, commitment, and willingness to accommodate your partner.

A healthy relationship is a relationship where both parties share a common goal for the relationship and where you want it to go. Knowing your goals as a couple will ensure all parties are invested in the relationship's success. You can seek help from a couple's therapist to help you navigate your problems, provide communication aid, and help the relationship be healthy.

Relationships fail for various reasons, but if you want to have a healthy long-term commitment with your partner, you can use these tips to ensure a healthy relationship.


Having an open and honest conversation with your partner will promote relationship health. Couples need to listen to understand each other, not so that they can respond. A relationship is threatened when a partner stonewalls the other. According to relationship therapist, John Mordechai Gottman, it is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Stonewalling is when the listener withdraws from the conversation. The speaker might feel like their partner doesn't care about what they are saying and cause more problems. To avoid this problem, you need to understand your partner and select a time they are calm and not emotionally overwhelmed to have a conversation.


To promote your relationship health, you have to allow your partner to be free to do things they love. A couple is two unique individuals, and they may like different things. You cannot lose yourself in the relationship. Go out with your friends and have fun to enable yourself to grow. A healthy relationship creates room for development individually and together as a couple. You can also do things you love with your partner that you don't necessarily do by yourself to understand each other better. Your identity matters in a relationship, and for it to be healthy, you need to embrace each other's individualistic traits.

Work Through Disagreements

Conflicts are normal in relationships. How you handle and respond to them will determine whether you have a healthy relationship. Conflicts arise so that you can change something within the relationship. When a disagreement arises, you must understand that the problem is not your partner and deal with the actual problem itself. How you deal with conflict matters most than the conflict itself.

Constructive criticism can help your partner be better, but by blaming them, they may feel like they are under attack, and all they do is defend themselves. That is a bad way of responding to disagreements since no one will feel heard, which may affect your partner's confidence.

Tackle the problem, and do not attack your partner's personality. Great communication and respect when solving conflicts can help you work through disagreements peacefully.


Clingy partners or constant jealousy when your spend time with other people is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. In a healthy relationship, partners trust each other completely. You feel free to visit your friends and family when your partner trusts you. You don't feel restricted, and that brings joy to your relationship.


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