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How Coaches Can Benefit Mental Health During COVID-19

How Coaches Can Benefit Mental Health During COVID-19

COVID fatigue is real.

Right now, we are well past the ninth inning of this pandemic ball game and most people are ready for it to just be over. Those who are not currently impacted by a COVID-19 case or recent death in the family are fatigued just hearing about it. Of the millions of families still living every day with the impact of current or recent COVID infections, these last two years have been exhausting. Healthcare workers, lost relatives, ongoing infections, repeat infections, booster shots, and vaccine cards; sometimes it's all just too much.

While the business world puts up dividers and outdoor dining, many individuals are experiencing a mental health crisis during the never-ending COVID-19 situation.

Fortunately, you're not alone. Coaching is an important resource during this time of increased challenge to everyone's mental health. Sometimes, you just need someone reliable and compassionate to help; someone who will share good advice and who isn't connected to your emotional circle of friends and family. Coaching provides that essential resource, and you - too - can benefit from mental health coaching if you're feeling the COVID fatigue.

The Rise of TeleHealth for Covid-Era Mental Health

Since the first lockdown, Telehealth and especially online counseling have seen a massive increase in both demand and availability. Online mental health isn't just for people who had therapists before COVID began. Millions of people have sought out one session or an ongoing therapist conversation to help deal with the stress and tragedy brought to their lives by COVID-19.

Parents working from home, young professionals living alone, and everyone in between have found themselves stretched thin during this time of health crisis and at-home isolation. Cabin fever from being locked in with family - or being locked in alone - hit a peak in 2020 but these problems are still ongoing.

With healthcare facilities at a high risk of infection, most people are reaching out for support through Telehealth and online counseling whenever possible.

How Coaching Can Benefit Your Mental Health Regarding Covid-19

If you are feeling the mental and emotional impact of COVID-19, you deserve help and support. Online coaching can help you through practical advice, support, and goal management.

A coach can help you work through your feelings and teach you how to make plans to improve your situation day by day to relieve both short- and long-term COVID-19 stress. If you are dealing with a tragedy, a grief coach can help you process those feelings and turn your strong emotions into actions that would honor your lost loved one and improve the life of your family now. If you are overtaxed due to illness in the family, working conditions, or being a healthcare professional during this global health crisis, a mental wellness coach can help you minimize unnecessary stressors in your life and actualize the goals that will get you through this difficult and demanding time.

COVID-19 is a situation, and each person's situation is unique. If your mental health is suffering because of COVID, you can reach out and get the support you need to become stronger and improve the circumstances under your control. A coach doesn't just help you process your feelings, they are also here to help you meet your goals and improve your life.

Find Covid-19 Coaching Services at Aspyn Market

If you are in need of mental health support for COVID-19, Aspyn Market offers on-demand streaming coaching sessions that can help you with grief, stress, healing, boundaries, and more. 

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