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The Next Pandemic Isn't Viral, It's The Psychological And Emotional Damage From The Coronavirus

The Next Pandemic Isn't Viral, It's The Psychological And Emotional Damage From The Coronavirus

We've gone, fairly quickly, through several big changes and traumatic events due to COVID-19 that have inevitably left their mark on us, psychologically.  Many of us lost a loved one or were sick ourselves. Large families were stuck with each other 24/7, while those who lived alone were physically and emotionally alone for so long.

We are moving from one pandemic straight into another one, from the coronavirus straight into a mental health crisis caused by the disease and the effects of quarantine. The next pandemic is the quality of our mental health and, fortunately, we have the tools, on hand, to fight this one.

The Pandemics Effects On Our Psyche

Let's look at our situation clearly. We are collectively, and fearfully, facing a deadly disease and, in doing so, many of us had to, or have to, isolate ourselves inside our homes, away from our friends, family, and our loved ones. We wear masks that obscure our facial expressions and decrease our communication ability. Some of us have maxed out our credit cards to stay afloat, while some even work full-time while homeschooling kids, running out for toilet paper, and binge-watching Mad Men.

Loneliness has been a serious problem. Isolation deepens depression and increases anxiety. Routine changes can cause us to feel nervous and out of control. Extroverts aren't fulfilled with lazy days, phone calls, and Zoom dates. Now the kids are returning to school, many people are returning to work, and the world outside our homes is opening back up. We are again dealing with change. Fear and uncertainty naturally come along with that.  

Persistent loneliness, anxiety, and stir-craziness aren't ideal for living your best life and maintaining a psycho-social balance. Individualized, scientifically proven, and easily accessible care can help someone to move forward, to evolve. If you are just about ready to drop all the kids, and your spouse, off at the first fire station you see, quick access to quality care may be beneficial.  

It's been a tough couple of years, full of unpredictable and unfortunate changes, and we have all been affected, one way or another. How do we get through our hurdles and get back to the lives we want to have from now on?

Pandemic Treatment Options

This isn't an article about a specific psychological issue stemming from the pandemic, such as stress from a job loss. We want to help you with everything we can and not everyone felt the same particular pain. Our top coaches specialize in topics relevant to you and your particular worry, with special attention to the issues that many people reported suffering during COVID.

  • Anxiety

  • Depression or persistent sadness

  • Irritability

  • Fear

  • Insomnia

  • Worsening of established mental health disorders

  • Substance abuse issues

  • PTSD symptoms

Get some sleep, exercise, and eat healthily. Identify your priorities, focus on the positive, and actively make connections with other people. Take a break from politics and the media. Meditate. And seek help when it's needed. 

We need to practice self-care to either control these emotions and behaviors or move past them. Our problems are our own and our treatments should be individualized towards what we need, and when and how we need it. 

Quality Care, In Your Hands

Aspyn Market makes your wellness our business with offers such as on-demand coaching specials related specifically to you and the changes that you wish to make. Whether you need trauma and grief coaching to help you deal with loss, or inspiration and support when it comes to getting back out there and living your best life, Aspyn Coaching can help get you there. Grab our printable Planner and Wellness Workbook and let's get started.

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