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Paper vs. Digital Planners: Which One is Best for You?

Paper vs. Digital Planners: Which One is Best for You?

Life is busy and you have a lot to do so you need a planner that will help you prioritize your goals. Not only can a planner help you keep track of everything in your busy life, but it can also help you visualize and strategize what you want to accomplish. Without it, many people are lost in the daily grind and don't take action toward their long-term vision.

There are many planners on the market, but which one is best for you? Should you buy a paper planner, or go digital? We'll help you decide.

Paper Planners

People have been keeping track of notes and plans on paper probably as long as paper has existed. It's a time-tested method and there are many beautiful planners on the market today that you can customize to your liking. Plus, many people like the tangibility of having things down on paper.

Here are some more benefits and drawbacks to owning a paper planner:


  • Customizable to your needs

  • Can take anywhere without the need for WiFi or data service

  • Tangible, visible note taking helps plans feel more real

  • Some people like decorating their planners with stickers or markers - it can be a craft project in itself


  • Harder to update or move things around

  • Can't easily be shared with others

  • If you leave it at home or lose your planner, you don't have a backup

  • You have to actively look at the planner

Digital Planners and Apps

With the rise of smartphones, tablets, and personal laptops came an increase in digital planner options. For many people, this can be more convenient than carrying around a physical journal.

There are some great reasons to use a digital planner. Here are some of the key benefits.


  • Saves paper

  • Accessible from multiple devices

  • Easy to update and share with others

  • Notifications and automations help you remember important tasks


  • May require WiFi or data service to access your information

  • Not as customizable, usually must work within the confines of the software or app

  • Digital note taking may feel more ephemeral and less concrete

  • Can be harder to track your progress over time if you are constantly updating or removing records

So which planner should you choose? Here's one of our recommendations.

The Aspyn Planner and Wellness Workbook

The Aspyn Planner system is not just another journal. We've added features for planning as well as wellness exercises to make sure that not only are you crushing your goals, you're also keeping your mind and body in tip-top shape.

We know that setting goals is not something you do just at the beginning of the year. It's something you need to reflect on and revise each month as you make progress. That's why we make it easy to break down goals on an annual, quarterly, and monthly basis.

The monthly planner and workbook come in a PDF, so you can print the pages to use as a physical planner or you can use them with your tablet or phone. It brings together the tangibility of a paper planner with the convenience and accessibility of digital planners. And if you lose your planner, don't worry -- you can always download and print another one.

How many times have you started a journal or planner and abandoned it a month or two later? Since the content is updated on a monthly basis, it's easier to get back into the swing of things if you fall off the wagon. Plus, the monthly reminders help keep you on track and focused on your goals. 

Whether you choose our Aspyn Planner or something else, we hope this article will help you stay on track and plan your way to wellness.

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