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A woman drinking coffee focused on mental health.

The Thing About Mental Health

Here's a question for you. How can something be so taboo and also a major buzzword at the same time?

In my opinion, that's where we're at with mental health. It's constantly talked about it, it's a marketing tactic, it's a major media focus, it generates clicks, it makes sales, it prompts app downloads. But when it's talked about on a personal level, it's still uncomfortable, it still feels shaming, it's still taboo. 

Celebrities and influencers are embracing mental health - they are coming out and announxcing that they go to therapy, they take anti-depressants, they struggle with the very same things we do. And that's great, it's fantastic actually, because it may encourage you or someone you know to recognize that they may need help too. But, they also put an Instagram filter on it, and they put rose-colored glasses on it. It gives the impression that "it's okay I have mental health struggles because I'm still successful," making it feel taboo for us everyday folks.

No wonder we are all confused about what it is. Because even though mental health is being talked about now, it still has to be Instagram-ready.

If you google the definition of mental health, thousands upon thousands of articles coming up, defining it. Generally speaking, I think we can all agree that its definition is made up of our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Okay, cool. But what? 

All three of those words - emotional, psychological, and social are pretty abstract words. Yes, we use them on a daily basis, but, if I had to come up with a formal definition for them, I'd have to Google it and try to break it down to something more digestible without a bunch of jargon.

Then, you throw some other buzzwords in there - mental illness, wellbeing, wellness, mental health day, self care, and it really does just become buzzwords and marketing tactics. 

So...what's my point? 

My point is, we're at the beginning of an opportunity. Mental health, wellness, mental well-being, self care, are at the podium now. It's there for a reason, people want to understand what they are, what the difference between them is, how to utilize them, how to improve them, and how to help others do the same. 

There are plenty of well-known companies out there touting a similar message - TalkSpace, BetterHelp, BetterUp, Cerebral - to name a few. And these are great companies, they are making therapy, counseling, and mental illness diagnoses more accessible. Then there are companies like Headspace, teaching people to meditate and learn techniques to manage stress. Again, I applaud these businesses and so appreciate their paving the way for a mentally-healthy society. 

But I think there's still something missing. We went straight from starting to talk about mental health, to monetizing it with meditation and text therapy. There's a large group of people that don't realize or think they need help, they don't want to admit they need help, they don't have the resources, insurance, or finances to get help, or they just need a little boost and none of the existing companies fit their cup of tea. 

Not to mention, managing your mental health is an ongoing practice. You can't download an app and not have to worry about it anymore. It's something that requires learning, practice, and support. 

That's where Aspyn Market comes in. Our mission is to provide mental and emotional wellness resources to those in need by connecting technology, industry-experts, and compassion to offer on-demand support, tools for growth, and an inspiring community. We are building a platform that provides access to different facets of mental wellness - from self assessment, to breathing, to embracing different phases of life, to finding your true purpose.

And if you still need and/or want meditation or one-on-one therapy? We hope that our tools and resources help you realize why so you can go back to these other companies and become your best self.

We don't want to compete with these other companies. We want to be another tool in the mental health toolbox with these companies. We want to help you do the hard work, the really personal self-realizations, to become your best emotional, psychological, socially-healthy self. 

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