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Two friends supporting each other and laughing

7 Ways to Support a Friend Who's Struggling With Their Mental Health

When our friends face challenges like financial hardship, anxiety, depression, or grief, the instinct to help and find solutions is strong. Witnessing loved ones struggle is never easy, but fortunately, there are several simple yet powerful ways to support friends during mental health crises. These strategies not only offer immediate assistance but also contribute to long-term solutions and prevention

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  • Sharing My Own Story

    Sharing My Own Story

    Allie and I created Aspyn Market as a way to help others, to give back, and support a community in need. 

    We are grateful to have the support of our members, our families, and everyone who has supported us of the years as we've seen our dream come to life. 

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  • Becoming a Storyteller

    Becoming a Storyteller

    I am so hopeful to be in a position to build our vision that supports and provides a loving hand for those who need it. If we are capable of doing something, I think it means we should try. And if we can be the ones to turn on the light for someone else, then why wouldn't we?
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