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Sharing My Own Story

Sharing My Own Story

As a single mom of two boys I look back at the last several years and am so proud of how much we've grown. Our experiences have helped guide me to a place where I've been able to create Aspyn Market, a platform that has the potential to help so many people who are struggling with personal growth and mental and emotion wellness. 

My story starts when my husband at the time was diagnosed with Carcinoid Syndrome, my oldest son was three and I was three months pregnant with our second son. Carcinoid Syndrome is a complex form of chronic cancer that affects the neuroendocrine system. The diagnosis was followed by years of doctors appointments, chemo, and so many other struggles that we had never imagined.

As we navigated this foreign world, we had two young children who were growing, learning, and becoming curious, playful, and happy kids. While their childhood would always be one impacted by this disease it also provided an opportunity for them to learn compassion, kindness, and other values in life that many of us don’t appreciate until our later years.

I struggled over the years to find balance and often envied families who appeared to have 'normal' lives. I was fiercely private about our situation which lead to isolation, heartache and stress, until one day I could no longer stay quiet and an amazing thing happened. As I started to share my story, others shared theirs as well. I realized I wasn’t alone and that there are so many other women, men, kids, and families like mine that needed support in different ways.

The combination of health issues and a young family brought about a unique set of challenges. Our families needs, activities, and dreams didn’t go away because life changed, they were just different. Everyday things like making dinner, cleaning the house, and yard work became difficult and required planning, help, and resources that young families with medical bills and struggles don’t often have.

I was very fortunate to have access to resources such as coaching, therapy, and a family that was supportive of us as life changed and we grew in so many ways. However, these resources took a toll on my time and finances and I don't want others to ever have to go without resources for personal growth and mental wellness as they face life's challenges. 

Allie and I created Aspyn Market as a way to help others, to give back, and support a community in need. 

We are grateful to have the support of our members, our families, and everyone who has supported us of the years as we've seen our dream come to life. 

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