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About Us

We are a digital media and ecommerce company that curates mental health and wellness experiences. 
We believe everyone has the right to improve their mental well-being, and we want to make the resources necessary to do so, accessible to everyone.


Our founders were friends and co-workers before partnering to bring Aspyn Market to life. They embraced their love of all things creative and their personal journeys to create something with a larger purpose.

They’re busy moms with full-time jobs juggling the chaos of everyday life. But more than that they’ve both experienced struggles that led them down a path of healing and growth.

As they navigated personal journeys they were lucky enough to find resources that included therapists, personal coaches, books, podcasts, and a tribe of amazing friends. However, as they shared their stories, others began to share as well and the need for accessible mental and emotional support resources became clear.

Our Mission

To provide mental and emotional wellness resources to those in need by connecting technology, industry-experts, and compassion to offer on-demand support, tools for growth, and an inspiring community.

we are REDEFINing MENTAL wellness

Therapy and coaching can be expensive and time consuming and finding help can be complicated. It’s time to change that. Aspyn Market is a collection of products and services designed to help people heal and grow as they navigate their own journey.


A curated collection of hand-designed items and third-party products created with the intention of bringing our shoppers inspiration and joy.


An on-demand streaming service for coaching and courses that includes supporting resources.


A downloadable planner and workbook that includes planning resources, a personal-growth workbook, journal pages, inspiration and more.


The Aspyn Community is an online community designed to provide users with a safe space to share their stories, connect with others, get advice, learn about new products, and more.