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Aspyn Planner & Wellness Workbook

Customize your planning and personal development journey.

A printable planner, journal, and workbook to help you be your best self every day.

$30.00 $15.00 for the 2023 annual planner


A guided yearly planner and journal of self exploration.

Each month we carefully choose an area of focus and walk you through personal growth exercises, encourage you with related journal prompts, provide inspirational pieces, share things we're loving, and more. Our goal is to help you learn, grow, and become a part of something bigger.


A printable planner customizable to you.

Our yearly printable planner allows you to plan your days, express your creativity and work on your personal growth every day, week, and month.

  • Annual printable PDF delivered to your inbox
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
  • Designed to custom fit your lifestyle
  • Start during any month of the year - no need to wait!
  • Includes goal setting, journal prompts, and personal growth exercises
  • Dated monthly and weekly calendar spreads 
  • Printable quotes and inspiration


Your monthly membership includes the Aspyn Planner and Wellness Workbook, a digital planner that is different from what you may have used in the past. It’s more than a planner, it’s also a wellness workbook designed to help you grow. 

It's delivered to you via email every month and includes the following:

Resources and tools based on a monthly mantra centered around personal growth.

How It Works


Purchase Now for Your 2023 Planner

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Download your monthly planner & workbook

Each month, you’ll get a planner and wellness workbook PDF curated with new content and exercises just for you!


Print your planner & make it your own

Print it, hole-punch it, bundle it, add tabs, stickers, and set up your month with intention.


Join the Aspyn Family Online Community

Make sure you join the Aspyn Family and share your layouts, plans, and growth with others and use #AspynPlanners. 


I love this planner. It has space for everything I need -- gratitudes, daily priorities, journaling -- and has shown me the benefits of habit tracking and the inspiration of journal prompts! I wanted a PDF planner I could use on my Remarkable tablet (small house -- paper planners clutter it fast!), and this planner is a joy to turn to every day.


Choose Your Planner


Great if you're looking for a new planner

$30 $15 / year

paid annually, delivered monthly

  • Annual printable PDF delivered to your inbox
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
  • Dated monthly and weekly calendar spreads 
  • Includes goal setting, journal prompts, and personal growth exercises


The tool missing from your mental health toolkit

$9.99 / month

paid monthly

  • Subscribe to Aspyn Coaching and the Aspyn Planner is included
  • Access to the Aspyn Coaching app
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of on-demand coaching sessions
  • Guided journeys & curated collections for personal & professional growth
  • Daily session recommendations
  • Journaling app

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