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How To Use It

The Aspyn Planner and Wellness Workbook is different from what you may have used in the past. It’s more than a planner, it’s also a workbook designed to help you grow.

The Aspyn Planner and Wellness Workbook is delivered to you via email every month and includes the following:

Resources and Tools Based on the Monthly Mantra

Every month we pick a mantra based on self improvement, healing, growth, and inspiration. These concepts are carried throughout the planner as we dive into exercises, quotes, journaling, and more.

Our resource pages include recommended tools, books, podcasts, TED Talks and more.

Planning Resources

Our favorite part of the planner is that it can be customized for however you work and can be changed every week based on what’s important to you. Above is an example of how we use it but remember to make it your own. Test it for a few weeks and figure out what works best for you. And the best part is that if your current layout isn’t working for you, you can print a new one and start over.

Journaling Prompts and Tools

Journaling is an important part of our journeys. It helps us relax, work through challenges, and connect with what’s happening around us. Every month we provide a series of journal prompts as well as free space for you to journal.

A Wellness Workbook to Help you Explore, Learn, and Grow

We all have our own journeys of growth, healing, inspiration, and dreams of what we want for ourselves and our families in the future. Whatever it is, our workbook will help you get there. Each month, your workbook will include a series of personal growth exercises designed to help you explore in a way that’s impactful to you.

Inspiration and Free Digital Downloads

We all need a little inspiration every once in a while and your monthly planner includes printable quotes, coloring sheets, supplementary templates, and more.

Notes Pages

Ruled, lined, bullet, they’re all great and we include a new notes design every month to help you figure out what works best for you. Print extras and use them throughout your planner.