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Our Story

Our founders were friends and co-workers for years before partnering to bring Aspyn Market to life. They embraced their love of all things creative and their personal journeys to create something with a larger purpose.

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They’re busy moms with full-time jobs juggling the chaos of everyday life. But more than that they’ve both experienced struggles that led them down a path of healing and growth.

As they navigated personal journeys they were lucky enough to find resources that included therapists, personal coaches, books, podcasts, and a tribe of amazing friends. However, as they shared their stories, others began to share as well and the need for accessible mental and emotional support resources became clear.

Therapy and coaching can be expensive and finding help can be complicated. It’s time to change that. A portion of all proceeds are used to provide online therapy to people who need a little along their journey. Want to know more, check out the Aspyn Foundation.

Why Aspyn?

The Aspen is a sacred tree that symbolizes strength of community, determination and overcoming fears and doubts - all critical when facing challenges. Also known for their great beauty, they embody the essence of everything we seek for Aspyn Market.