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Our Vision

A world where everyone has access to mental and emotional wellness resources that help them heal, grow, and live lives full of inspiration. 



We envision Aspyn Market to be the main place you can experience wellness through several means: shop the marketplace for inspirational goods, take a coaching class to get unstuck and expand your mental wellness horizons, plan your life more intentionally with our planner and wellness workbook, and find care and support through our online communities. We want you to feel like you're at home the second the page loads, to feel a sense of calm and find the room to breathe because you know we're on your side. We are a place of comfort, hopes, dreams, purpose, happiness and sadness through all phases of life. We want our tools and resources to be exactly what you need as you experience all the facets of life.

will experience a mental health issue in any given year worldwide

will experience a mental illness this year that is serious enough to impact major life activities

(21.4%) between the ages of 13-18, and 13% of children aged 8-15, live with a severe mental health disorder

they will experience a mental health crisis or challenge

than you are to develop heart disease, diabetes, or any kind of cancer

received mental health treatment or counseling in 2019

we're here for you

In 2019, 40.2 million Americans received mental health treatment and that doesn’t include those who needed help and either couldn’t afford it or didn’t have time for traditional resources. There is a current effort to remove the stigma associated with mental and emotional illness and treatments. One of the goals of Aspyn Market is to be a resource that removes roadblocks such as financial hardships, insurance approvals, and therapists schedules.